Welcome to Abundance Is Our BirthRite. We’re an Afrikan Family of 3. I’m E, KK is the oldest and G is the youngest. Join us as we celebrate what a spirit of Doing for Ourselves looks like. We hope you’re as inspired as we are. Abundance, Really is, Our BirthRite!

It’s a Family Affair

Below, you will find info for each initiative we’ve launched. We have been Doing For Ourselves for over 25 yrs and sincerely Appreciate your Support.

Where our Story begins – https://tranquilblessings.com -Holistic Provider of Family Services

Https://tranquilblessings.com/Services.html – Curriculum for children and families include Whole Family Wellness (learn key elements like movement, electronic-free activities, healthy eating, mindful living and a family massage routine), Project Activate (children learn concept of entrepreneurship, successfully start a business and learn how to sustain it) and Healing Halftime (children learn alternative methods to create stress-free home lives).

Https://foreverunschooled.com – E, KK and G, have been on an Unschooling journey for the last 10yrs. Follow along as E shares how their lives have evolved, and is evolving, living this lifestyle. Also access an Unschooling Motivational Support Tool Kit Https://foreverunschooled.wordpress.com/motivational-suppo…/ there you’ll find various Tools like General 1-On-1 Coaching, Scheduled Unschooling Lifestyle Coaching, Out-Of-The-Box Think Tank Coaching, a blog, self-care ideas and ways to supplement income/assist in living expenses and a host of free resources. Here’s hoping they can be as much of a help to you as they have been to us.

https://agoddessjourney.com – The girls first business venture, complete w/ a book G authored and an accompanying coloring book KK created and illustrated. Eventually, G took over running this business solo.

https://kkcurlykids.webs.com – KK’s first solo business venture – A collection of Afrikan dolls and so much more.

https://woduhibeauty.com – KK’s current business venture – A lash collection, wig line and so much more.

https://eatingformyl1fe.com – E shares her journey as she, a Single Mom, A Refined Food Addict and Overeater in Recovery and diagnosed w/ Mental Illnesses: PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, learns to sustainably eat SOFAS Free (Salt Oil Flour Alcohol Sugar Free) Whole Food Plant Exclusive. EXCITING NEWS!! – Her New Ebook “Eating For My L1fe – (Salt, Oil, Flour, Alcohol, Sugar) Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive: A Liberating Journey” is NOW available for Purchase, Her NEW 8 Week Online MasterClass – F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Looks Good On You! is NOW available for Registration. Both can be purchased in our Sober Eating Support Tool Kit: Https://eatingformyl1fe.wordpress.com/sober-eating-a-suppo…/ She looks forward to Helping those interested, in helping themselves!

https://justhergetaway.wordpress.com/virtual-travel-agencyJustHerGetAway..a place women-identifying humans can come and be Empowered to take quality time out for ourselves. EXCITING NEWS!! Evon’s NEW Ebook “Let Go or Be Dragged: Learning The Healing Art of Letting Go” w/ BONUS “Living” Soundtrack, is NOW available! Click here to Get Yours Today. Learn more about E by clicking here. JustHerGetAway is a Virtual Experience Concierge w/ a Virtual Travel Agency, Just For Women.  We’ve taken the time to compile a list of resources for Free Virtual Experiences, as well as Premier Virtual JustHerGetAway Experiences(both pre-recorded AND Guided Live Virtual Tours), provided by Mostly Women-Owned businesses here. We also now have our Peace of Mind Support Tool Kit (access by clicking here) For support on your Self-Care journey..Included are resources like the New Ebook, our Free Virtual JustHerGetAway and Self-Care 1-On-1 Coaching.

https://anothergreenlightproduction.com – Record Label and Entertainment Brand w/ E as the First Artist on the Label, experience her sound here. EXCITING NEWS!! Evon’s NEW Mixtape and EP are NOW Available for your listening pleasure. Click here to listen Now.

https://justhergetaway.wordpress.com/jhga-web-design/ – Simple, efficient Web Design by E. Comes w/ a tutorial that empowers the client to update their site themselves once design is complete.

And more to come…..

See our Afrikan/Black Business Directory here: https://abundanceisourbirthrite.wordpress.com/afrikan-black-business-directory/

For inquiries, contact us @ abundanceisourbirthrite@gmail.com.