Afrikan/Black Business Directory

Youth Owned

Https:// – Natural Hair Care/Journal

Https:// – Chronicles of a Multi-Talented Girl, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Book Tour, Activity Corner

Https:// – Afrikan Doll Collection w/ natural hairstyles, handmade clothing, hair accessories, jewelry and recycled packaging

Https:// – Lash and Wig Collection, Waist Beads, Hair Care Services

Https:// – Visual Art: Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Graphics

Https:// – Clothing Line

Https:// – Music

Https:// – Homemade Lip Scrub and Lip Gloss, Eyelashes

Financial Planning


Holistic Wellness

Https:// – Family Provider or Holistic Services

Https:// – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Center For Natural Healing w/ Classical Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine and Counseling

Https:// – Spirit world work

Https:// – Home of Black Witchcraft and The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Https:// – Home of the Black Witch Convention

Https:// – Examining the liberating power of naps

Https:// – Herb Supply and Spiritual/Womb Work

Https:// – Herbal Tea Blends, Powdered/Liquid Supplements/Herbs, Encapsulated Supplements, Dried Medicinal Herbs

Https:// – Mobile Massage and Holistic Health Services

Https:// – Health and Wellness Services

Mental Health Awareness

Https:// – Mental health awareness campaign committed to building a community of support for Black Women w/ Mental Health concerns.

Https:// – Black affirming Mental health advocacy and support

Doula/Breastfeeding Support

Https:// – Maternity care, to include Doulas, for Women of Color

Https:// – Breastfeeding support for Women of Color

Https:// – Holistic Doula Training program and more


Https:// – E, KK and G, have been on an Unschooling journey for the last 10yrs. Follow along as she shares how their lives have evolved, and is evolving, living this lifestyle…there you will also find an abundance of Resources and a Motivational Support Tool Kit w/ Scheduled Phone Support and Unschooling Lifestyle Support and info on self-care and income-making ideas to stay home w/ your children.

Https:// – Curriculum for children and families include Whole Family Wellness (learn key elements like movement, electronic-free activities, healthy eating, mindful living and a family massage routine), Project Activate (children learn concept of entrepreneurship, successfully start a business and learn how to sustain it) and Healing Halftime (children learn alternative methods to create stress-free home lives).

Https:// – Interactive project-based curriculum and program that creates focused excellence in the areas of Art, Science and Energy (ASE)

Https:// – Unschooling Afrikan Mama offers guidance, praise songs, motivation and assistance for those of us who are teaching our own

Https:// – English Language Arts Teacher, Curriculum and Instruction expertise, host of Moore Books w/ B. Sharise on YouTube

Https:// – a national movement to educate, empower and encourage children to utilize their own voice for equity and equality in society.

Https:// – Afrikan-centered Homeschool community for people of color

Https:// – Home of the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool Expo

Https:// – Creative Writing Workshops

Https:// – Teaching Consultant and Classroom Lecturer


Https:// – Afrikan/Black Woman owned. Multinational farming and agritech company, specializing in hemp tech development

Intentional Community

Https:// – A group of 19 Black Families collectively purchased over 96 acres of land to develop into a sustainable safe haven


Https:// – Association of People for Pan-Africanist Economic Advancement through Leverage

Chefs/Catering/Food & Beverage

Https:// – All natural Cold-pressed juice, smoothies and sea moss gel, product line

Https:// – Raw and cooked vegan dishes and juice, product line

Https:// – Coach, facilitator, personal chef

Https:// – Personal chef, Catering, product line

Https:// – Beautiful Afrikan/Black family that works out together, cooks Whole Food Plant Based dishes together and shares fitness and recipe videos

Https:// – Vegan cookies and breads, product line

Authors and Bookstores

Https:// – Children’s book and Children’s Stuffed Mermaid Plush Toys by Ananda Free – YeYe SweetWaters and the Mean Mermaids

Https:// – Ona Agbani: The Ancient Path, S’Otito – Be Truth, Raising Revolutionaries, Cunt-Dalini: Unraveling the Serpentine Mystery of Black Womanpower all by The Apetebii Iyalosa OlaOmi Osunyemi Akalatunde

Https:// – Children’s book by Akura Marshall – Gary and the Great Inventors

Https:// – Daydreams, Nightmares, Fantasies – The Emily Gamble Trilogy by Amirah Cook – Romance Fiction

Https:// – Not Without Black Women – Original poems by Rebecca Dupas

Https:// – New book coming soon – YA Historical Fantasy Novel – Dr. Marvelous Djinn’s Odd Scholars, Original Poems and Fictional Short Stories

Https:// – 28 Days to a Soulful Life by Khetnu Nefer

Https:// – Afrikan/Black Family Owned Independent Bookstore

Https:// – A sanctuary for Pan-Afrikan culture since ’98, Afrikan/Black Owned Film and Bookstore

Visual Artists







Https:// – Recording Artist Evon

Https:// – Recording Artist Tamika Love Jones

Https:// – Recording Artist Jaysun

Https:// – Recording Artist Mikuak









Https:// – Hair Stylist

Https:// – Hair Care

Https:// – Hair and Face masks – Lash application and training

Bath and Body

Https:// – Lip Scrubs, Lip Oils, Lip Gloss

Https:// – Body Scrubs

Https:// – Skincare

Https:// – Butters, Scrubs, Soaks, Soaps, Pain Oil

Https:// – Soy Candles, Body, Home and Garden, Apparel/Textile, Books, DIY Kits, Curated Gift Bags, Jewelry

Https:// – Soaps, Body Nectars, Scrubs, Oil, Bath Accessories, Facial and Blemish Care

Https:// – Candles

Https:// – Natural Deodorant

Https:// – Lifestyle Boutique w/ scent products, crystals, herbal teas, crystals, stones, jewelry, essential oils, natural hair and skin products, metaphysical books

Https:// – Product Line






Https:// – Pet Loss Bereavement Counseling

Travel – Empowering Women To Take Quality Time For Ourselves, A Virtual Travel Agency JUST for a Virtual Travel Concierge, we have compiled an extensive list of Free Virtual Experiences and are also providing Premier Virtual JustHerGetAway Experiences, both pre-recorded, and Guided Live Virtual Tours

Https:// – Travel Company in Ghana







Https:// – Simple, efficient Web Design

Https:// – I.T. Consulting

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