Afrikan/Black Business Directory

Youth Owned

Https:// – Natural Hair Care/Journal

Https:// – Chronicles of a Multi-Talented Girl, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Book Tour, Activity Corner

Https:// – Afrikan Doll Collection w/ natural hairstyles, handmade clothing, hair accessories, jewelry and recycled packaging

Https:// – Lash and Wig Collection, Waist Beads, Hair Care Services

Https:// – Visual Art: Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Graphics

Https:// – Clothing Line

Https:// – Music

Https:// – Homemade Lip Scrub and Lip Gloss, Eyelashes

Financial Planning


Holistic Wellness

Https:// – Family Provider or Holistic Services

Https:// – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Center For Natural Healing w/ Classical Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine and Counseling

Https:// – Spirit world work

Https:// – Home of Black Witchcraft and The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Https:// – Home of the Black Witch Convention

Https:// – Examining the liberating power of naps

Https:// – Herb Supply and Spiritual/Womb Work

Https:// – Herbal Tea Blends, Powdered/Liquid Supplements/Herbs, Encapsulated Supplements, Dried Medicinal Herbs

Https:// – Mobile Massage and Holistic Health Services

Https:// – Health and Wellness Services

Mental Health Awareness

Https:// – Mental health awareness campaign committed to building a community of support for Black Women w/ Mental Health concerns.

Https:// – Black affirming Mental health advocacy and support

Doula/Breastfeeding Support

Https:// – Maternity care, to include Doulas, for Women of Color

Https:// – Breastfeeding support for Women of Color

Https:// – Holistic Doula Training program and more


Https:// – E, KK and G, have been on an Unschooling journey for the last 10yrs. Follow along as E shares how their lives have evolved, and is evolving, living this lifestyle. Also access an Unschooling Motivational Support Tool Kit Https://…/ there you’ll find various Tools like General 1-On-1 Coaching, Scheduled Unschooling Lifestyle Coaching, Out-Of-The-Box Think Tank Coaching, a blog, self-care ideas and ways to supplement income/assist in living expenses and a host of free resources.

Https:// – Curriculum for children and families include Whole Family Wellness (learn key elements like movement, electronic-free activities, healthy eating, mindful living and a family massage routine), Project Activate (children learn concept of entrepreneurship, successfully start a business and learn how to sustain it) and Healing Halftime (children learn alternative methods to create stress-free home lives).

Https:// – Interactive project-based curriculum and program that creates focused excellence in the areas of Art, Science and Energy (ASE)

Https:// – Unschooling Afrikan Mama offers guidance, praise songs, motivation and assistance for those of us who are teaching our own

Https:// – Author, English Language Arts Teacher, Curriculum and Instruction expertise, host of Moore Books w/ B. Sharise on YouTube

Https:// – a national movement to educate, empower and encourage children to utilize their own voice for equity and equality in society.

Https:// – Afrikan-centered Homeschool community for people of color

Https:// – Home of the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool Expo

Https:// – Creative Writing Workshops

Https:// – Author, Teaching Consultant and Classroom Lecturer


Https:// – Afrikan/Black Woman owned. Multinational farming and agritech company, specializing in hemp tech development

Intentional Community

Https:// – A group of 19 Black Families collectively purchased acres of land to develop into a sustainable safe haven


Https:// – Association of People for Pan-Africanist Economic Advancement through Leverage

Chefs/Catering/Food & Beverage

Https:// – All natural Cold-pressed juice, smoothies and sea moss gel, product line

Https:// – Raw and cooked vegan dishes and juice, product line

Https:// – Coach, facilitator, personal chef

Https:// – Personal chef, Catering, product line

Https:// – Beautiful Afrikan/Black family that works out together, cooks Whole Food Plant Based dishes together and shares fitness and recipe videos

Https:// – Vegan cookies and breads, product line

Authors and Bookstores

Https:// – Evon Dennis’ Ebook, in which she shares her journey of health and teaches F.R.E.E.D.O.M., the 7-step process she created and used to Successfully get started eating SOFAS Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive again and and is using to Sustainably continue to do so: “Eating For My L1fe – (Salt, Oil, Flour, Alcohol, Sugar) Free Whole Food Plant Exclusive: A Liberating Journey”

Https:// – Evon Dennis’ Ebook, in which she shares her life’s struggles and triumphs (thus far) and teaches S.E.L.F.C.A.R.E., the 8-step process she created to Successfully learn the Sacred Art of Divine Self-Care and Sustainably Let Go of ideas and people that aren’t positively contributing to life: “Let Go or Be Dragged: Learning The Healing Art of Letting Go”

Https:// – Children’s book and Children’s Stuffed Mermaid Plush Toys by Ananda Free – YeYe SweetWaters and the Mean Mermaids

Https:// – Ona Agbani: The Ancient Path, S’Otito – Be Truth, Raising Revolutionaries, Cunt-Dalini: Unraveling the Serpentine Mystery of Black Womanpower all by The Apetebii Iyalosa OlaOmi Osunyemi Akalatunde

Https:// – Children’s book by Akura Marshall – Gary and the Great Inventors

Https:// – Daydreams, Nightmares, Fantasies – The Emily Gamble Trilogy by Amirah Cook – Romance Fiction

Https:// – Not Without Black Women – Original poems by Rebecca Dupas

Https:// – New book coming soon – YA Historical Fantasy Novel – Dr. Marvelous Djinn’s Odd Scholars, Original Poems and Fictional Short Stories

Https:// – 28 Days to a Soulful Life by Khetnu Nefer

Https:// – Afrikan/Black Family Owned Independent Bookstore

Https:// – A sanctuary for Pan-Afrikan culture since ’98, Afrikan/Black Owned Film and Bookstore

Visual Artists







Https:// – Recording Artist Evon

Https:// – Recording Artist Tamika Love Jones

Https:// – Recording Artist Jaysun

Https:// – Recording Artist Mikuak









Https:// – Hair Stylist

Https:// – Hair Care

Https:// – Hair and Face masks – Lash application and training

Bath and Body

Https:// – Lip Scrubs, Lip Oils, Lip Gloss

Https:// – Body Scrubs

Https:// – Skincare

Https:// – Butters, Scrubs, Soaks, Soaps, Pain Oil

Https:// – Soy Candles, Body, Home and Garden, Apparel/Textile, Books, DIY Kits, Curated Gift Bags, Jewelry

Https:// – Soaps, Body Nectars, Scrubs, Oil, Bath Accessories, Facial and Blemish Care

Https:// – Candles

Https:// – Natural Deodorant

Https:// – Lifestyle Boutique w/ scent products, crystals, herbal teas, crystals, stones, jewelry, essential oils, natural hair and skin products, metaphysical books

Https:// – Product Line






Https:// – Pet Loss Bereavement Counseling

Travel place women-identifying humans can come and be Empowered to take quality time out for ourselves. Learn more about E by clicking here. JustHerGetAway is a Virtual Experience Concierge w/ a Virtual Travel Agency, Just For Women.  We’ve taken the time to compile a list of resources for Free Virtual Experiences, as well as Premier Virtual JustHerGetAway Experiences(both pre-recorded AND Guided Live Virtual Tours), provided by Mostly Women-Owned businesses here. We also now have our Peace of Mind Support Tool Kit (access by clicking here) For support on your Self-Care journey..Included are resources like 12 Healthy Ways I’ve Been Learning To Give Myself Divine Self-Care, our Free Virtual JustHerGetAway and Self-Care 1-On-1 Coaching.

Https:// – Travel Company in Ghana







Https:// – Simple, efficient Web Design

Https:// – I.T. Consulting

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